Board of Trustees

Stephanie Sadowski
Board Chair

Aditya Bhasin
Vice Governance Chair

Tracy Kerrins
Vice Chair Human Capital

Laura Bowles
Vice Chair Audit

Jeff Wallace
Vice Chair Finance & Investment

Sagar Rathie
Vice Chair Education, Experiences & Innovation

Stefanie Holland

Rich Campbell
DPN Campaign Chair

Reem Anani

Jason Bernd

Todd Gorelick

Lindsay McCullough

Charlie Morris

Emily Henson

Ryan Fagan

Ben Pysch

Sushma Walker

Nazy Weeks

Frank Chatman

Paul Camuti

Linda Redding

Lindsay Gates

Marty Foley

Marla Reschly

Dennis Gada

Victoria Watlington

Senior Leadership

Catherine Wilson Horne
President & CEO

Ervin Gourdine
Chief Talent Officer

Anne Ibekwe
Chief Financial Officer

Jennifer Joyce
Chief Marketing Officer

Dan Streelman
Chief Exhibitions and Experiences Officer

Heather Norton
Chief Science Officer

Nikki Hill
Chief Learning Officer

Management Team

Audra Acey
Director, Institutional Giving

Cisco Adler
Senior Director, Digital Marketing and Sales

Lindsey Gordon
Director, Discovery Place Kids-Huntersville

Kevin Lamp
Director, Exhibits and Facilities Experiences

Barrett Long
Senior Director, Information Technology

Alyssa Mulliger
Director, Content and Social

Angela Watkins
Director, Discovery Place Kids-Rockingham

Ken Davidson

Sarah Wheat
Director, Communications

Gabor Zsuppan
Senior Director, STEM and Museum Experiences

Gigi Ochs
Senior Director, Adult Learning and Engagement

Ben Golden
Senior Director, Museum Operations

Courtney Ball
Director, Research and Evaluation

Elliot Provance
Senior Director, Living Collections and Exhibitions

Lucy Livingstone
Director, Individual Giving

Brian Hester
Director, Theatre Operations

Ernest Jackson
Director, Exhibit and Facilities Operations