MAY 09, 2018

Tyrannosaurs Take Over Charlotte

It’s a prehistoric family reunion at Discovery Place Science as Tyrannosaurs –Meet the Family opens May 26, 2018

CHARLOTTE – This summer, the largest family reunion is taking over Charlotte as Discovery Place Science presents Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family, an innovative, multimedia experience showcasing never-before-seen dinosaurs in the Tyrannosaurs family tree. This is the world’s first exhibition to display ancestors of Tyrannosaurus rex, and Charlotte will be just the second US city to meet this colossal family starting Saturday, May 26, 2018.

Featuring over 10 life-sized dinosaur specimens, a dramatic array of fossils and casts and state-of-the-art technologyTyrannosaurs – Meet the Family will provide a snapshot of dinosaur life and show how this family became the world’s top predator with their massive skulls, powerful jaws and bone-crunching teeth.

After touring throughout Australia, the exhibition was completely refurbished in 2016 to include the latest scientific research of newly discovered Tyrannosaurs from all over the globe. In addition to the popular T. rex – the swift, flesh-eating apex predator – guests can also see some of the rare and recent Tyrannosaur findings like Guanlong wucaii, the newly discovered and oldest feathery relative of T. rex, whose name means ‘crown dragon’ – a perfect fit for the Queen City.

Created by the Australian Museum in Sydney, Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family connects the cultural love of dinosaurs with some of the most important scientific discoveries of our time.

“Dinosaurs capture the imagination and spark curiosity about life before us,” said Catherine Wilson Horne, president and CEO, Discovery Place. “This exhibition combines ancient fossils, new research and the cutting-edge technology to provide visitors with the very latest research and inquiry about these awe-inspiring creatures.”

Visitors will discover these amazing dinosaurs in five interactive zones:

  1. What’s A Tyrannosaur: Explore the features that define this family.
  2. Meet The Family: Including the latest dinosaur findings paleontologist Xing Xu and his team discovered in Northwestern China.
  3. Explore The Family: Compare and contrast the Tyrannosaur relatives.
  4. T. rex – The Ultimate: How Tyrannosaurus rex evolved as the top-end predator.
  5. T. rex – The Legacy: The evolution, survival and extinction.

Families will also get to engage with state-of-the-art technology in fully interactive and innovative experiences like comparing their arm strength to that of a mighty T. rex, using multi-touch technology, or touring Uptown Charlotte in an immersive multimedia tunnel as dinosaurs take over the city around you.

To complement the experience, Discovery Place Science has created a Dino Pit that is included with admission to the exhibition. Visitors will be immersed in a recreated paleontology lab and will work to help excavate fossils that were transported to the lab from outdoor dig sites around the world. Dig tools will be provided. Additionally, on the last Friday and Saturday of each month, Discovery Place’s Collections Manager will be available in the Dino Pit to work with amateur paleontologists and answer questions about the excavation (Fridays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.).

Throughout the Museum and the summer, Discovery Place Science will offer public programs that expand the educational experience. Daily show Saurus! A Dino-mite Spectacular will provide a madcap musical romp through dinosaur facts and trivia, while Egg-Stinct is a paleontological game show. On July 15, the Museum will celebrate Fossil Day, a look at all things frozen in time. Visit at the end of July (23 – 27) to experience Prehistoric Shark Week in the Discovery Place labs. Practicing paleontologists will have the chance to hunt for Megalodon teeth and to see what’s hidden in the Discovery Place collection. All of these activities are included with Museum admission.

Tickets to Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family are $16 for children (2-13), $20 for adults (14-59), $18 for seniors (60+), $3 for Members of Discovery Place Science and $4 for Welcome participants, and free for children under the age of 2. All tickets include access to the hands-on Dino Pit and full-day admission to Discovery Place Science.

Families who want to go on the ultimate dinosaur adventure can purchase the Prehistoric Package which includes:

  • Full-day admission to Discovery Place Science.
  • Admission to Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family with access to the hands-on Dino Pit specially designed for Discovery Place Science.
  • The larger-than-life IMAX film Flying Monsters, which explores the story of the flying pterosaurs that ruled the prehistoric skies.

The all-inclusive Prehistoric Package is $20 for children (2-13), $24 for adults (14-59), $22 for seniors (60+), $7 for Members of Discovery Place Science, $8 for Welcome participants and free for children under the age of 2.

All Tickets to Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family are for timed ticket entries, and are now on sale. Reserve your spot in advance at, via phone at 704.372.6261 or in person at Admissions.

Tyrannosaurs – Meet the Family was developed by the Australia Museum and is being toured internationally by Flying Fish.

Download high resolution images here.